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My Madagasgar Ruby!

The ruby is just as beautiful as I believed! Dealing with this company has truly been a pleasure. The courteous and quick service I received was outstanding and the stone is exactly what I had always wanted. I couldn't be happier!
Testimonial By: Jack Burruano — Margate, Florida, USA — 


This is the most brilliant stone I have seen. To say it is beautiful is an understatement. Having purchased stones from many sources, I will always look at StarRuby.in when making future purchases.
Customer service is the best I've seen. A pleasure doing business with them.
Testimonial By: William Eisley — Fairfield, CA USA — 


the various play of colors in this bright Sphene are more gorgeous than one can imagine.
Testimonial By: Gloria Austin — Johnstown, Colorado USA — 

EXCELLENT service, quality products, breathtaking and affordable

Star Ruby.In provided EXCELLENT service and quality products. I had the pleasure of speaking with both Harshil and Vismay and they were absolutely courtesy, knowledgable, professional, patient and committed to helping me find the right ruby ring. Though I cannot afford a ruby in the thousands of dollars, they both took a lot of time examining the ones I was interested in and cared about giving me the best product for what I could afford. The star ruby they recommended to me is absolutely gorgeous and even better than the photo. I also had many many questions for them and changed my mind several times yet they were patient throughout. They also re-made the ring to my exact specifications, including that the ruby touches the finger when worn. I do a lot of online shopping and this business excelled in their commitment to quality and affordability. Thank you!

I had been searching for an untreated ruby for more than a year, literally. I had bought some here in Chicago but they were low quality yet very expensive. My relatives in India also got a few for me but they were not natural/untreatead. Finally after finding this business I have a natural ruby that I can afford. I highly recommend them and so appreciate their commitment to quality and the benefits of star rubies.

One of the rubies I bought didn’t work out for me, but I am working with them about that. Though I have never met Harshil or Vismay, they exude trust and I have no doubt that they operate in a very honest and professional manner.
Testimonial By: H.M. — Chicago, United States — 

What a beautifull stone

Very happy my stone is wonderfull, arrived so fast ! I'll come back soon to you, for I'll add another one to my collection
Testimonial By: Alix Goirand — 78800 - HOUILLES, France — 

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