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Pigeon Blood Red Rubies

The Term: "Pigeon Blood"Pigeon Blood Red Ruby


The term “Pigeon blood” has originated in Burma. The local people referred to the finest hue of ruby as “Pigeon's Blood" (ko-twe) although the term may be of Chinese origin. It is said that the color of the Ruby which is Pigeon Blood Red is comparable to the first two drops of blood from the nose of a killed pigeon. Some have compared this color to the center of a live pigeon's eye. Others compare it to the seed of pomegranate, or a fine red without any blue tones. Even though the term “Blood Red” remains vague, it always refers to the most vibrant color a ruby can come in. Most gemological labs use spectrophotometers to define the colors of rubies and hence, the term “Pigeon Blood Red” remains only a general term for consumers. The most sought after and prized color today can be compared to that of a traffic signal which glows and is vibrant and does not have any overtones of blue, violet or purple and is not over-colored looking blackish.


So What Does Blood red Signify?


The red of the ruby is compared to warmth and fire. Ruby Red is not just any color; it is a sensual, ardent, influential and majestic. Ruby is a gemstone which is the best way to show feelings. It is believed that jewelry mounted with rubies can bring in warmth and improve any relationships. The Blood red color implies immense love and feelings. Ruby is the most precious of all the gemstones because a vivacious color like blood red of ruby is present in no other gemstone, except red diamond, which is extremely rare.



Finding Pigeon Blood Red Rubies


Rough Pigeon Blood Red RubyPigeon blood red rubies can be found conventionally only from the stones of Burma (Myanmar). Although many other localities have now been discovered such as Tanzania and Vietnam which have hues of pigeon blood Red. However, Burma still remains the most preferred option. The Rubies from Vietnam are more of a hot and lively pink rather than blood red but are comparable to them.



Pigeon Blood Red Rubies / Spinels from our inventory:


3.03-Carat GRS-Certified Unheated "Pigeon Blood Red" Ruby

1.42-Carat Ultra Rare Pigeon Blood Red Ruby (Natural & Unheated)

0.64-Carat "Pigeon Blood Red - VVS" Burmese Ruby (Untreated)

1.00-Carat Certified Unheated Pigeon Blood Red Ruby

3.80-Carat Pair of Marvellous Pear-Shaped Burmese Rubies

1.52-Carat Pigeon Blood Red Ruby from Mozambique (Unheated)

3.27-Carat Marvellous Pigeon Blood Red Star Ruby from India

18.30-Carat 5-pc layout of Beautiful Burmese Spinel Beads


More Pigeon Blood Red Rubies / Spinels

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