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Burmese Rubies


Burmese Rubies



About Burmese Rubies

Mining in Burma (now Myanmar) has yielded some of the finest rubies the world has seen. Rubies have been found in a number of different areas of Burma. These include Sagyin (near Mandalay), Thabeitkyin, Naniazeik (near Myitkyina), Mogok and, most recently, Möng Hsu (central Shan state). 



Mogok: The Birthplace of Rubies

Mogok Stone Tract has remained the world's premier source of ruby for more than 800 years. The Mogok stone tract, in northern Burma, located approximately 400 miles north of Rangoon, is well known to produce the finest rubies that Burma has to offer. Nothing in the world of fine ruby matches the intensity of color of the rubies from the Mogok Burma deposit.



Colors of the Burmese Ruby

Ruby from Burma is famous for its exceptional coloring. The most famous and preferred color is a deep blood red with a slightly bluish hue. Such color is known as “Pigeon Blood Red” color. Natural, untreated rubies of such deep color are extremely rare and may cost a fortune. The finest of "pigeon's blood" ruby color comes from Mogok.



Burmese Ruby Treatments

Most “Burmese” rubies available in the market today are heated to improve the clarity and color. Original, non-treated Burmese rubies are very hard to get, and hence command a high premium over heated rubies. Treatments such as glass-filling, lead-filling and flux-filling are also common in Burmese rubies to improve their transparency. Make sure that your prospective stone is accompanied by a certificate from a reputed gem-testing laboratory to make sure that the ruby you select is untreated and has not been subjected to thermal enhancement or any other treatment.


 Mogok Ruby Crystal



Some Beautiful Burmese Rubies from our stock:



0.52-Carat Sparkling Pigeon Blood Red Ruby from Burma (Unheated)


0.71-Carat Lovely Pigeon Blood Red Unheated Burmese Ruby (IGI)


1.29-Carat Majestic Intense Red Star Ruby from Burma (Unheated)


0.57-Carat Dazzling VVS Round Ruby from Burma (Unheated)


3.99-Carat Superb Double-Sided Unheated Burmese Star Ruby


3.42-Carat Deep Red Cabochon-Cut Burmese Ruby (AIGS-Certified)


1.14-Carat Marvelous Pigeon Blood Red Ruby from Burma (Unheated)


3.58-Carat Breathtaking Pinkish Red Burmese Star Ruby


4.80-Carat Eye-Catching GRS-Certified Unheated Burmese Ruby


1.01-Carat Natural & Unheated Neon Red Burmese Ruby



Burmese Rubies (Cut)

Burmese Rubies (Cabochon)

Burmese Star Rubies (Below 3 Carats)

Burmese Star Rubies (Above 3 Carats)


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