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Black Star Sapphires


Black Star Sapphire with Golden Star

Black Star Sapphires with mesmerising golden stars are one of the most fascinating forms of sapphire. Black star sapphires differ from other colors of star sapphires because the star is formed not due to Rutile silk but due to Hematite plates (to which it also owes its golden colour). Such is the magnificence of the star that one falls in love with it.


12-Ray Golden-Black Star SapphireOne of the specialties of black star sapphires apart from the golden star is the occasional presence of twelve rays (normal star sapphires have only six rays). Such sapphires are often found from Thailand (Bang-Kha-Cha and Khao-Ploi-Waen) and West Africa (Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia). It often happens that along with the star formed due to hematite plates the gemstone also contains rutile silk. However the orientation of the silk is such a way that it forms another star with the same center point as that of the hematite star. The result is a beautiful twelve-rayed star. Such star sapphires are rare and are sought after by collectors. Also another phenomenon observed is the presence of two stars side by side instead of one. Black star sapphires are usually low domed so as to best display the star as a very high dome would make the arms of the star invisible and only a golden sheen would be observed.

Mining areas

Black star sapphires are found from Thailand, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burma, India, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Tanzania, and a few other localities.  Black Star Sapphires from West Africa and India often display a Silver-Black, Purplish-Black or Pinkish-Black color, whereas those from Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka & Tanzania bear a Golden-Black color.


Black Star Sapphires with Silver Stars

Synthetics and Treatments

Black Star Sapphire LotMany sapphires showing six rayed stars have now been produced synthetically. Titanium oxide is rapidly cooled down and dissolved in the host corundum. The development of star is achieved by heating the corundum at temperatures between 1100 degree Celsius to 1500 degree Celsius. Also, black star sapphires have been produced by diffusion on natural or synthetic corundum. Such Black sapphires have greatly intruded the Thailand market and are available for very cheap prices



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