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Worried about sending money to a jeweler in India online? Read on. In January 2010, I began searching for a high quality star ruby to be set in an engagement ring. I was having tremendous difficulty locating such a stone domestically. Most were synthetic, and the few natural star rubies that my local jewelers could acquire were very small, flawed, and priced around 1000$/Carat. I finally came across a stone that met my requirements on this website. A stunning 4.51 Carat Burmese star ruby, with beatiful color and super sharp star. When I learned the asking price was $4100, I was worried I couldn't afford it. Additionally, I was told horror stories at local jewelers about gemstones purchased online. But this ruby really struck a cord with me as it was the only stone I could find that reminded me of my late grandmothers star ruby engagement ring. I directed my concerns via email to Harshil Zaveri, proprietor of this website. Harshil made arrangements whereby I could make monthly payments toward the stone. He also provided extensive information about his company and ways to verify its legitimacy. So thorough was Mr. Zaveri, that I not only decided to purchase the stone, but also decided to pay an additional amount to have the stone set in a platinum ring. I was sent pictures throughout the process, and Harshil answered every inquiry in a timely fashion. When the ring finally arrived, I was eager to check Harshil's claim that the stone would appraise for at least twice the amount I had paid. I took the ring to the only AGS Certified jeweler in Wilmington, DE.He was shocked at the deal I had made. The stone alone appraised for $7300 to $9000! and this preliminary appraisal did not take into consideration the origin, or source of the ruby! The custom-made platinum ring, for which I paid $1000, appraised at $1500. The jeweler said that in his decades of experience, virtually no client of his had ever made so good a gemstone purchase from an overseas website.I was so relieved. Anyway, if you find a stone on this site that really moves you, don't pass on the opportunity! I am so happy with how things went.
Testimonial By: James Ellis — Newark, Delaware, USA — 

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