Four Magnificent “Royal Blue” Sapphires from Didy, Madagascar accompanied by GRS Certificates

Around April 2012, a gem rush occurred a few kilometers from the town of Didy in Ambatondrazaka district of Madagascar after the discovery of top quality rubies and sapphires in this area. We have been able to source some extraordinary blue sapphires from this locality. These stones display stunningly beautiful shades of royal blue – the most sought-after color in blue sapphires – combined with nice clarity, excellent glow and great overall appearance. All these stones are accompanied by certification by Dr. A. Peretti at GRS confirming that they are unheated blue sapphires with the famous “Royal Blue” color.

For more information about this locality, download the article: “Ruby and Sapphire Rush Near Didy, Madagascar” co-authored by Vincent Pardieu (Field Gemologist working with, GIA Laboratory) PDF, 9 MB

4.55-Carat Flawless Unheated GRS-Certified Vivid
Royal Blue Sapphire

3.18-Carat Rare GRS-Certified Unheated “Royal
Blue” Sapphire

5.21-Carat Top Grade GRS-Certified Unheated
Royal Blue Sapphire

5.13-Carat Rare GRS Certified Unheated “Royal
Blue” Sapphire

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