Three new pigeon blood red rubies from Winza, Tanzania

Listed below are three new stunning red beauties from the Winza mines in Dodoma Province, Tanzania. These rubies have highly desirable hues of pigeon blood red along with eye-clean (or better) clarity. Discovered in the beginning of 2008, and after constant mining for over 4 years, these mines have neared exhaustion and are now yielding very few gem-quality rubies.

3.07-Carat Collector Grade Deep Pigeon Blood Red Ruby (Unheated)

2.87-Carat Rare Pigeon Blood Red Ruby from Tanzania (Unheated)

2.76-Carat Eye-Clean Vivid Pigeon Blood Red Ruby (Unheated)

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July: The Ruby Month

Ruby, the July birthstone, is believed to make the wearer wise, to bring love and to help protect its owner against all sorts of misfortunes.

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Heart’s Desire: A 5.02-Carat Unheated Eye-Clean Ruby from the Mogok Valley

We present a superb eye-clean ruby from the renowned Mogok Valley in Burma. The blend of a richly saturated pinkish red color and exceptional luster & dazzle – an eye-candy for any gem-lover. Certified by Dr. Peretti of GRS as Unheated and originating from Burma.

5.02-Carat Museum-Grade GRS-Certified Unheated Burmese Ruby 5.02-Carat Museum-Grade GRS-Certified Unheated Burmese Ruby

GRS Certificate

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