Gems of Character: Sapphires from the Kashmir Valley

This month we present an exclusive range of Kashmir-Origin Sapphires. All these stones are accompanied by origin certification reports from reputed international gem-testing labs like GIA and GRS.

These lovely sapphires were mined in the early 1900s from a remote region in the Great Himalayan mountains of northwestern India. Sapphires from the Kashmir Valley, being extremely scarce, are highly sought-after by collectors and gemologists worldwide – making these beauties amongst the most prized gemstones on earth.


 4.01-Carat Top-Grade VVS Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)

4.01-Carat Top-Grade VVS Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)

3.60-Carat Eye-Clean Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)

3.60-Carat Eye-Clean Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)
 5.06-Carat Eye-Clean Unheated Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA, GRS)

5.06-Carat Eye-Clean Unheated Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA, GRS)

2.48-Carat GIA & GRS Certified Kashmir-Origin Blue Sapphire (UH)

2.48-Carat GIA & GRS Certified Kashmir-Origin Blue Sapphire (UH)
 6.65-Carat GIA-Certified Dark Blue Sapphire from Kashmir Valley

6.65-Carat GIA-Certified Dark Blue Sapphire from Kashmir Valley

5.67-Carat GIA-Certified Unheated Blue Sapphire from Kashmir

5.67-Carat GIA-Certified Unheated Blue Sapphire from Kashmir
 1.19-Carat GIA-Certified Kashmir-Origin Cornflower Blue Sapphire

1.19-Carat GIA-Certified Kashmir-Origin Cornflower Blue Sapphire

1.12-Carat Intense Blue Sapphire from Kashmir (GIA-Certified)

1.12-Carat Intense Blue Sapphire from Kashmir (GIA-Certified)
 1.82-Carat Ink Blue Unheated Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)

1.82-Carat Ink Blue Unheated Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)

2.87-Carat Unheated Royal Blue Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)

2.87-Carat Unheated Royal Blue Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)
 6.64-Carat Velvety Royal Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA-Certified)

6.64-Carat Velvety Royal Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA-Certified)

1.14-Carat Eye-Clean Intense Blue Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)

1.25-Carat VVS-Clarity Velvety Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)

1.25-Carat VVS-Clarity Velvety Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)

1.14-Carat Eye-Clean Intense Blue Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)


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