Two Rare Kashmir-Origin Sapphires

This week we present two beautiful Sapphires from the famous Kashmir locality. Kashmir Sapphires are the rarest and the most expensive sapphires in the world. They are so scarce that you will probably only see them in a museum or at an auction of rare gems.

The first one is a 2.72-Carat Kashmir Sapphire with an amazing velvety royal blue color. Certified by Dr. Peretti of GemResearch SwissLab (GRS)

2.72-Carat Unheated Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GRS-Certified)

The second one is a 3.15-Carat Kashmir Sapphire with a subtler shade of blue but with the same beauty that one would expect off a Kashmir Sapphire. Also certified by GRS.

3.15-Carat GRS-Certified Unheated Eye-Clean Kashmir Sapphire

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Harshil Zaveri