Featured Stone: 5.72-Ct Heart-Shaped Mahenge Spinel

This month we feature a sensational heart-shaped spinel from Ipanko, near the
town of Mahenge, in Tanzania. Mahenge has been known to produce some of the
finest spinels the world has seen in recent years – the finest shades ranging
from vivid neon pink to highly sought-after pigeon blood red.

This beauty displays a stunning pigeon blood red color with a hint of orange .
The stone is flawless and very well cut resulting in perfect dispersion of light
hence giving the stone exceptional scintillation.


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Harshil Zaveri  


4.86-Carat Pigeon Blood Red Spinel from Mogok

This week we feature an outstanding spinel mined in the 1980s from the Mogok stone tract in Burma. This dazzling red beauty exhibits the finest properties from the deposit: deep pigeon blood red hue, eye-clean clarity, superiorĀ lusterĀ and the fiery glow found in very few spinels.

4.86-Carat Collector-Grade Pigeon Blood Red Burmese Spinel 4.86-Carat Collector-Grade Pigeon Blood Red Burmese Spinel

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