Coming Soon: Emerald from Zambia, 8.80-CTS, 12.41 x 10.54 x 8.25 mm


Quick Details: 

Stone ID: EMF-3474

Weight: 8.80 Carats

Dimensions: 12.41 x 10.54 x 8.25 mm

Shape: Emerald Cut / Octagonal

Origin: Zambia

Price: US $13200


Interested? Please email us at [email protected] quoting the Stone ID: EMF-3474

Gems of Character: Sapphires from the Kashmir Valley

This month we present an exclusive range of Kashmir-Origin Sapphires. All these stones are accompanied by origin certification reports from reputed international gem-testing labs like GIA and GRS.

These lovely sapphires were mined in the early 1900s from a remote region in the Great Himalayan mountains of northwestern India. Sapphires from the Kashmir Valley, being extremely scarce, are highly sought-after by collectors and gemologists worldwide – making these beauties amongst the most prized gemstones on earth.


 4.01-Carat Top-Grade VVS Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)

4.01-Carat Top-Grade VVS Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)

3.60-Carat Eye-Clean Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)

3.60-Carat Eye-Clean Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)
 5.06-Carat Eye-Clean Unheated Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA, GRS)

5.06-Carat Eye-Clean Unheated Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA, GRS)

2.48-Carat GIA & GRS Certified Kashmir-Origin Blue Sapphire (UH)

2.48-Carat GIA & GRS Certified Kashmir-Origin Blue Sapphire (UH)
 6.65-Carat GIA-Certified Dark Blue Sapphire from Kashmir Valley

6.65-Carat GIA-Certified Dark Blue Sapphire from Kashmir Valley

5.67-Carat GIA-Certified Unheated Blue Sapphire from Kashmir

5.67-Carat GIA-Certified Unheated Blue Sapphire from Kashmir
 1.19-Carat GIA-Certified Kashmir-Origin Cornflower Blue Sapphire

1.19-Carat GIA-Certified Kashmir-Origin Cornflower Blue Sapphire

1.12-Carat Intense Blue Sapphire from Kashmir (GIA-Certified)

1.12-Carat Intense Blue Sapphire from Kashmir (GIA-Certified)
 1.82-Carat Ink Blue Unheated Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)

1.82-Carat Ink Blue Unheated Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)

2.87-Carat Unheated Royal Blue Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)

2.87-Carat Unheated Royal Blue Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)
 6.64-Carat Velvety Royal Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA-Certified)

6.64-Carat Velvety Royal Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA-Certified)

1.14-Carat Eye-Clean Intense Blue Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)

1.25-Carat VVS-Clarity Velvety Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)

1.25-Carat VVS-Clarity Velvety Blue Kashmir Sapphire (GIA)

1.14-Carat Eye-Clean Intense Blue Kashmir-Origin Sapphire (GIA)


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Harshil Zaveri at “India’s SME Heroes” Award… was one of the 10 companies selected from all over India by Google & FICCI for the presigious “India’s SME Heroes” Award!

The team would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers around the world – without your active support, this would not have been possible.

- team

Here are some pictures from the event:

A poster at the event

 Closeup of the poster

The anchor speaking about

Harshil Zaveri on stage giving a brief presentation

 The esteemed panelists & chief guests

 The FICCI Auditorium

 Harshil with the other ten SME heroes

Mr. Amarendra Sinha (Addl. Secretary & Development Commissioner, Ministry of MSME, Govt of India) speaking about the challenges faced by the SME Sector in India

Keynote address by Mr. K H Muniyappa (Hon’ble Minister of State with Independent Charge, Ministry of MSME, Govt of India)

 Mr. Sanjay Bhatia (Chairman, FICCI) speaking a few words about the event

Another poster

Left to Right: Harshil Zaveri, K. Suryanarana (SMB Head, Google India) & Parimal Zaveri

Some excerpts from the presentation given by Harshil…






March 2013: Lovely Collection of Trapiche Emeralds from Colombia

About Trapiche Emeralds

The name Trapiche comes from grinding wheels used to process sugarcane in Colombia, a region which is known for it’s prized Trapiche Emeralds. Trapiche emeralds display six spoke-like carbon “rays” emanating from a hexagonal center with the areas in between filled with lively emerald green. These rays appear much like asterism, the only difference being that they are fixed and do not move.  (Read more about Trapiche Emeralds)

Presenting an exclusive new collection of rare Trapiche Emeralds from the town of Muzo in Colombia.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the product listing page…

3.17-Carat Free-Form Deep Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia9.86-Carat Royal Green Oval-Cut Trapiche Emerald from Muzo1.14-Carat Lovely Rich Green Oval-Cut Colombian Trapiche Emerald2.17-Carat Natural & Untreated Trapiche Emerald from Colombia2.35-Carat Deep Velvet Green Oval-Cut Trapiche Emerald7.52-Carat Unique Neon Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia3.80-Carat Deep Royal Green Pear-Shaped Trapiche Emerald1.39-Carat Light Green Oval-Cut Trapiche Emerald from Colombia1.97-Carat Unique Intense Green Hexagonal Trapiche Emerald4.25-Carat Heart-Shaped Deep Green Colombian Trapiche Emerald1.23-Carat 7mm Round Trapiche Emerald from Muzo Mines, Colombia3.94-Carat Velvet Green Trapiche Emerald with Black Spokes1.84-Carat Light Green Free-Form Trapiche Emerald from Colombia1.62-Carat Beautiful Pear-Shaped Royal Green Trapiche Emerald1.35-Carat 7mm Round Royal Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia0.16-Carat Intense Green Oval-Cut Colombian Trapiche Emerald1.60-Carat Royal Green Trapiche Emerald from Muzo, Colombia1.58-Carat Dark Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia2.25-Carat Rich Green Oval-Cut Trapiche Emerald from Colombia1.71-Carat 7mm Round Light Green Colombian Trapiche Emerald0.79-Carat 6.50mm Round Royal Green Colombian Trapiche Emerald2.36-Carat Heart-Shaped Royal Green Trapiche Emerald from Muzo0.81-Carat Light Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia1.06-Carat Natural & Untreated Trapiche Emerald from Colombia1.22-Carat Round Royal Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia1.14-Carat Pale Green Oval-Cut Trapiche Emerald from Colombia0.57-Carat Intense Green Trapiche Emerald from Muzo, Colombia0.49-Carat Beautiful Royal Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia0.53-Carat Free-Form Royal Green Colombian Trapiche Emerald0.54-Carat Intense Green Trapiche Emerald with Black Spokes9.07-Carat Pair of Royal Green Colombian Trapiche Emeralds8.47-Carat Pair of Intense Royal Green Muzo Trapiche Emeralds1.59-Carat Magnificent Pair of Colombian Trapiche Emeralds2.26-Carat Matched Pair of Deep Green Oval-Cut Trapiche Emeralds1.87-Carat Pair of 7mm Round Royal Green Trapiche Emeralds2.42-Carat Pair of Rich Velvet Green Oval Trapiche Emeralds7.48-Carat 5-Pc Lot of Free-Form Colombian Trapiche Emeralds19.00-Carat Exclusive 9-Pc Set of Colombian Trapiche Emeralds2.80-Carat Intense Green Oval-Cut Trapiche Emerald from Colombia2.02-Carat Oval-Cut Trapiche Emerald from Muzo Mines, Colombia3.00-Carat Charming Royal Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia2.68-Carat Oval-Cut Royal Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia2.26-Carat Rich Royal Green Oval Trapiche Emerald from Colombia2.27-Carat Natural & Untreated Royal Green Trapiche Emerald1.84-Carat Intense Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia0.99-Carat Wonderful Intense Royal Green Trapiche Emerald2.43-Carat Royal Green Oval Trapiche Emerald from Colombia1.30-Carat Attractive Bright Green Colombian Trapiche Emerald2.40-Carat Intense Royal Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia2.11-Carat Royal Green Oval Trapiche Emerald from Muzo, Colombia1.60-Carat Oval-Cut Royal Green Trapiche Emerald from Colombia1.27-Carat Deep Green Trapiche Emerald from Muzo, Colombia

Best regards,

Harshil Zaveri

New Addition: 7.85-Carat Phenomenal Eye-Clean Vivid Royal Green Emerald from Zambia

Extraordinary clarity, bright & vivid green color, excellent sparkle and very
attractive overall appearance… everything that is desired in an emerald!

Link to the product listing page:

Best Regards,

Harshil Zaveri

Four Magnificent “Royal Blue” Sapphires from Didy, Madagascar accompanied by GRS Certificates

Around April 2012, a gem rush occurred a few kilometers from the town of Didy in Ambatondrazaka district of Madagascar after the discovery of top quality rubies and sapphires in this area. We have been able to source some extraordinary blue sapphires from this locality. These stones display stunningly beautiful shades of royal blue – the most sought-after color in blue sapphires – combined with nice clarity, excellent glow and great overall appearance. All these stones are accompanied by certification by Dr. A. Peretti at GRS confirming that they are unheated blue sapphires with the famous “Royal Blue” color.

For more information about this locality, download the article: “Ruby and Sapphire Rush Near Didy, Madagascar” co-authored by Vincent Pardieu (Field Gemologist working with, GIA Laboratory) PDF, 9 MB

4.55-Carat Flawless Unheated GRS-Certified Vivid
Royal Blue Sapphire

3.18-Carat Rare GRS-Certified Unheated “Royal
Blue” Sapphire

5.21-Carat Top Grade GRS-Certified Unheated
Royal Blue Sapphire

5.13-Carat Rare GRS Certified Unheated “Royal
Blue” Sapphire

Email us at [email protected] for pricing information.

Best regards,

Harshil Zaveri

Fresh New Collection of Certified Padparadscha Sapphires of Sri Lankan Origin

Among all the colors of sapphires, the rarest and the most fascinating colour is the Padparadscha colour. The word Padparadscha has been derived from the Sanskrit word Padmaraga (Also called Pathmaraga, Pathparaga, or Padparaga) which means “lotus”. The colour of Padparadscha is also defined as being of the serene sunset in Srilanka. This week we bring you an exciting collection of Padparadscha sapphires to choose from:

1.21-Carat Exquisite Unheated Eye-Clean
Padparadscha Sapphire

1.18-Carat Pear-Shaped Fiery Deep Pinkish Orange

0.91-Carat Dazzling IGI-Certified Unheated
Padparadscha Sapphire

0.61-Carat Stunning Fiery Orangy Pink
IGI-Certified Padparadscha

0.88-Carat Vivid Pinkish Orange Unheated
Padparadscha Sapphire

0.62-Carat Unheated Hot Orangy Pink Padparadscha

1.04-Carat Eye-Clean IGI-Certified Unheated

0.91-Carat VVS-Clarity Dark Orangy Pink
Padparadscha Sapphire

Need more information about any of these? Feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

Best regards,

Harshil Zaveri

Clinohumite from the Heavenly Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan

The Pamirs, also known as the “Roof of the World” are one of the last ”undiscovered” tourist destinations. This mountainous area, a large part of which is located in Gorno-Badakhshan in Tajikistan, is one of the most inaccessible areas in the world.

Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan

Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan

Around the beginning of 2007, in this region, there was a find of some of the most spectacular Clinohumite crystals ever found. Most of these crystals were of a vivid color ranging from yellowish-orange to intense-orange, and excellent clarity. More importantly, there were some unique crystals found with exclusively rare sizes. Unfortunately, the yield was very low and the find got exhausted very quickly.

A few months back, we were lucky to get our hands on one such large rough Clinohumite crystal weighing 43.25-Carats (8.47 gms).

Clinohumite Crystal weighing 42.35 Carats (8.47 Grams)

This rough crystal was eventually cut & polished at our workshop into a stunningly beautiful 22.82-Carat Pear-Shaped Clinohumite:

This color of this stone is an intensely saturated shade of orange, comparable to the color of fire, or the color of the sun. The clarity is almost eye-clean – very unusual for clinohumites of this size because they are almost always heavily included even in smaller sizes.  This gem is very well and symmetrically cut which allows it to display excellent luster and sparkle. Video of the stone is available to view on the product listing page to get a better judgement of the quality.

Link to the listing page:

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Harshil Zaveri

Some beautiful new unheated yellow sapphires from Sri Lanka

This week we present an stunning collection of four new 7-ct+ unheated yellow sapphires from Sri Lanka. These stones are eye-clean, very well cut and display excellent sparkle.

7.22-Carat Cushion-Cut Unheated Bright Yellow
Ceylon Sapphire

9.06-Carat Shimmering VVS Fiery Deep Yellow
Sapphire (Unheated)

7.17-Carat Lovely VVS-Clarity Deep Yellow
Sapphire (Unheated)

7.03-Carat Round 11mm Lustrous Vivid Yellow
Sapphire (Unheated)

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Harshil Zaveri

Three new pigeon blood red rubies from Winza, Tanzania

Listed below are three new stunning red beauties from the Winza mines in Dodoma Province, Tanzania. These rubies have highly desirable hues of pigeon blood red along with eye-clean (or better) clarity. Discovered in the beginning of 2008, and after constant mining for over 4 years, these mines have neared exhaustion and are now yielding very few gem-quality rubies.

3.07-Carat Collector Grade Deep Pigeon Blood Red Ruby (Unheated)

2.87-Carat Rare Pigeon Blood Red Ruby from Tanzania (Unheated)

2.76-Carat Eye-Clean Vivid Pigeon Blood Red Ruby (Unheated)

For pricing and other information, email us at [email protected]

Best regards,

Harshil Zaveri