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Star Rubies can be set and are available in all forms of jewellery. However, Star Ruby Rings and Pendants are usually preferred. To maximize its astrological and healing effects, it is advised that the gemstone should be mounted in jewellery in such a way that the bottom of the stone touches the skin. Star Ruby can also be kept as a loose gemstone. Rubies look best in Yellow Gold Jewellery, though it really depends on the choice of the wearer.

It makes sense to collect these beautiful gemstones that are much rarer than faceted stones and sell for less on a per carat basis. We believe these stones should eventually trade for more than their faceted counterparts. This would reflect their true value based upon rarity. 


caring about your star ruby

Though there are very few chemicals that attack Star Rubies, it is best to clean your star ruby with warm soap water and a toothbrush. Cleaning your Star Ruby in Ultrasonic cleaners may damage the polish of the gem and hence is not recommended.


what's next?

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